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NCIS Germany
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ncisfanfest [userpic]

We are very excited to announce that fans in attendance at the Costume Party Thursday evening at NCIS Fan Fest 2010 will have an amazing opportunity!

Fans will be able to ask a video question of one of the NCIS Cast Members, Writers or Producers that may appear on next years NCIS Season 8 DVD Extras!

To take part, fans will be required to sign a CBS Television Talent Consent form prior to having their question recorded on video. The video questions selected to be included on the DVD Extras will have their question viewed and answered by the NCIS Cast Member, Writer or Producer on the NCIS Season 8 DVD Extras.

We ask that you think about your question for a Cast Member, Writer or Producer regarding the show. You could be seen by millions of fans asking this question. We know you all will enjoy this amazing opportunity! What better way can there be to ask Gibbs a question, than when dressed up to look just like him? Or, Can you imagine asking about Abby's amazing wardrobe while wearing your vision of it?

If you have any questions about this or other NCIS Fan Fest 2010 related issues please contact us at registrations@ncisfanfest.com.

Also, a note to all fans who wish to continue helping NCIS Fan Fest 2010 raise money to support our troops, if you have any items you feel other fans might want, and could raise money in our Silent or Live auctions, please email auction@NCISFanFest.com with your information and we'll send you information about shipping your donation.

Also, the deadline to register for NCIS Fan Fest 2010 is fast approaching. Get your registration in SOON! Book your Beverly Garland Holiday Inn room as well.

As always, if you have any questions regarding NCIS Fan Fest 2010 visit the website at www.NCISFanFest.com or email us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com

See you in September!
The NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

APB - NCIS Fan Fest 2010 - Guest Announcement!

The NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee is excited to announce that Adam Jamal
Craig (NCIS Special Agent Dom Vail of NCIS: Los Angeles) will attend NCIS Fan
Fest 2010 in September!

While we are very excitement about this new news to share with all of you, we
must state that all celebrity appearances are subject to last minute
professional and personal schedule changes. However, we have received
confirmation that Adam will join us in September to celebrate out two favorite
shows on television!

Also remember to send in your registration soon. The current registration level
ends on June 30th. The registration rate will increase on July 1st. Your
registration must be postmarked no later than June 30th to be considered at the
current level. Find registration information at the "2010 Info" links at the
website www.NCISFanFest.com

One more reminder, our hotel block, especially those rooms with more than one
bed, is booking up quickly. If you have not yet made your reservation at the
Beverly Garland, do so soon. Also, if you have made your hotel reservation
through a travel agency/agent, please contact us to make sure that you are
booked for our group in order to receive your special check in gift.

If you have any questions about your registration, hotel reservation or NCIS Fan
Fest 2010, please contact us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com

See You In September,
NCIS Fan Fest 2010

ncisfanfest [userpic]

The NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee would like to take a moment to wish all in the US a wonderful holiday as we take a day to remember those who have sacrificed for our nation. We honor the lives and duty of those who have stood on freedom's front lines in order to keep our nation and our world a safe and free place.

One way you can join us in honoring those who are currently serving is by joining us in this year's Operation Support Team.

One of our chosen charities, Operation Gratitude, supports troops over seas by sending them care packages. They do this by receiving donations of items that the troops can't readily get where they are deployed.

At NCIS Fan Fest 2010, Operation Gratitude will be on hand to accept your donations for their care packages.

Start gathering your items to bring with you in September to NCIS Fan Fest 2010. There is a list of items needed by Operation Gratitude at our website. Follow the 2010 Info links to the "Operation Support Team" link for this list as well as other ideas for how you can take part in this.

If you have any questions regarding Operation Support Team, please email us at charities@NCISFanFest.com

Don't forget, as well, to send in your registration for NCIS Fan Fest 2010. There is only one month left at the current registration level. You'll want to send in your registration soon to take advantage of the savings at this level.

Also, if you haven't done so, be sure to book your room at the Beverly Garland soon. Rooms in our block are filling up quickly. Especially those rooms with more than one bed. If you're planning on sharing your room, you really need to book now to ensure you get the beds you need. While you book now, your credit card will not be charged until you arrive in September.

Please visit our website for more NCIS Fan Fest 2010 information www.NCISFanFest.com If you have any questions regarding NCIS Fan Fest registrations or hotel reservations, email us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com

See You In September,
NCIS Fan Fest 2010

ncisfanfest [userpic]

30 days hath September,
APRIL, June, and November.
All the rest have 31
but February’s the shortest one.
With 28 days most of the time,
until Leap Year gives us 29.

For all you NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles fans, that means that you only have 3 days left to send in your Early Bird Registration for NCIS Fan Fest 2010.

May 1st, the registration rate goes up.
Send in your registration now, postmarked no later than April 30th, 2010, and save yourself money!

While you're thinking of it, go ahead and make your hotel reservation at the same time.

Registration and hotel information can be found at the website

If you have any questions regarding your registration or hotel reservation, please email us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com

NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

Early Bird Registration is coming to a close quickly.

Act NOW to ensure you get the lowest registration rates for NCIS Fan Fest 2010.

Have a tax refund this year? Registration for NCIS Fan Fest 2010 is the PERFECT way to put it to good use.

Send in your registration before April 30th, 2010 (must be postmarked no later than this date) and receive a special surprise in September at the event.

For all your information go to the website www.NCISFanFest.com or email registrations@NCISFanFest.com with questions you may have.

NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

For those going to NCIS Fan Fest 2010, as always, we encourage you to make it a true vacation for yourself. The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn will honor the NCIS Fan Fest 2010 special guest room rates 3 days prior to the beginning of our event til 3 days after the end of our event.

That being said, we are feeling the waters for any interest there may be for a special get together before NCIS Fan Fest 2010 begins. We are going to judge the interest in this by how many fans will arrive at The Beverly Garland by Tuesday, September 21. If we see we have a large enough group scheduled to check in early, by the end of Early Bird, we will look into the possibility or arranging for all of us to rewatch the this season's ending episodes for NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles together. Should the new season begin on September 21, we could also watch the Season Premiere episode for both shows.
If you are going to come in early for NCIS Fan Fest 2010 to be a SoCal tourist and would be interested in watching the this Season's ending episodes and the Season Premieres (if they air on September 21) of both shows with the other fans, please let us know. You may let us know by making your hotel reservation and by emailing us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com so we can gauge whether to pursue this or not.

Thank you,
NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

All NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles fans,
We are excited to let you know that you can now receive the most up to date information about
NCIS Fan Fest 2010
at the website www.NCISFanFest.com
Hotel reservation and Registration Information are just the start.
Please be sure to read carefully the information regarding NCIS Fan Fest 2010.
You'll find there are many ways to get a few extra 'goodies' this year if you pay attention to detail.

If you have any questions regarding your Hotel reservation and/or your Registration, email us at registrations@NCISFanFest.com

See You In September,
NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

We hope that your holiday season is a joyous one and that the new year is looking bright and eventful for all of you.

To add to the excitement of the New Year, we'd like to let you know what you'll be doing in the New Year.

You're going to be traveling to Hollywood, California for NCIS Fan Fest 2010!

Once again, NCIS fans from around the world will be converging on Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn in North Hollywood. This year, we'll be joined by fans of the new hit drama NCIS: Los Angeles. That's right Two Shows - One Weekend!

The dates for NCIS Fan Fest 2010 are Thursday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 26th.

Put in your vacation requests now for the last weekend in September! Don't let your coworkers beat you to those dates! (When planning your trip, remember that the Beverly Garland will honor NCIS Fan Fest 2010 special rates 3 days prior and 3 days after our event)

We will be adding hotel and registration information very soon, so keep looking for the new info at www.NCISFanFest.com. Please hold all questions about NCIS Fan Fest 2010 until after we update the website. Most likely, your question will be answered then.

We are so excited to see all of you again!

Happy Holidays!
The NCIS Fan Fest 2010 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

First, thank you to everyone at NCIS Productions who generously provided us with donations, assisted with planning or very generously
shared their time off to be with us. Too many to list here, however, you all went above and beyond to ensure that the fans NCIS had a great

Some special thanks to: Donald P. Bellisario for creating the wonderful show we enjoy so much. Executive Producer Chas. Floyd Johnson thank you so much for the amazing program you prepared for us and took part in Saturday afternoon! Charles always goes above and beyond for the fans and this year was exceptional! Thanks also to Shane Brennan for giving all NCIS fans a new outlet to show our appreciation for all things NCIS by creating NCIS: Los Angeles. To Erin Broadhurst, who coordinated the NCIS: Los Angeles involvement thank you.

To our awesome Honored Guests who visited with us on Friday and took part in our seminars, thank you! Craig Harvey, Chief Coroner Investigator and Chief of Operations Los Angles Coroners Office, technical advisor to NCIS; Special Agent Mike Devine, Special Agent Joe "Probie" Escalante and Regina Borjas from the real NCIS; Doug Reilly and Melissa Adlof, who shared the amazing NCIS props.

Saturday afternoon was an experience none of us will ever forget! Chas. Floyd Johnson out did himself this year, thank you so much! Thank you to Katie Barker, NCIS publicist, and NCIS: Los Angeles cast members Daniela Ruah and Barrett Foa who gave us a peek into NCIS: Los Angeles. The wonderful panelists that very generously visited with us, on their day off, to tell us about what their jobs entail: Avery Drewe, Leon Carroll, Jr., Diamond Farnsworth, Susan Hollander, Robb Bacon, Jason Kennedy and Reed Steiner. Our mystery guests, Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette, who answered questions from the fans.

Thank you to Muse Watson and Rudolf Martin who made Saturday evening memorable signing autographs and taking photos with fans.

Thanks also to Harriet Margulies, the wonderful Audience Liaison who spent the weekend us. Also Erica McIntosh who helped coordinate NCIS involvement and all the Production Assistants who helped make the weekend memorable.

Special thanks to NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Rachel Good, Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, Doug Reilly and Josh Rexon for donations to the Live Auction.

Many thanks to our Honored Guests, the representatives of our charities; The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, Mike Hire and Cissie Sexton, and Operation Gratitude, Charlie Othold, Bill Van Trump, Roberta Van Trump, Carolyn Blashek, who joined us over the weekend. We
enjoyed so much partnering with you to support your wonderful causes. Thanks also to NMCRS for the donation ID badge lanyards and Mike Hire and Cissie Sexton for the thank you gum packs in the Welcome Bags.

Thanks to those businesses who donated time, services and goods to ensure quality to our event - StreepWear and Joleen from A Sweet Design.

We can't thank enough the fan groups who donated time and energy putting together the wonderful fan booths set up during the NCIS Fan
Fest 2009 at their own expense. You all did an amazing job!

Finally, to the wonderful fans of NCIS, that traveled from all parts of the world to join us over the weekend, thank you. We missed those
of you that were unable to attend due to the economy and the
illness. Without all of you the NCIS Fan Fest would not exist.
Thank you for opening your hearts and donating $11,651.00 to our two
very deserving charities.

NCIS Fan Fest 2009 is now a wonderful memory. We appreciate all that
everyone did to make NCIS Fan Fest 2009 a wonderful weekend, what an
awesome team effort that benefited two wonderful charities.

Again, thanks so much to everyone involved.

The NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Planning Committee

ncisfanfest [userpic]

If you are an NCIS Fan and a procrastinator -
Well, today is your day!

Today is THE LAST DAY to register for NCIS Fan Fest 2009
AND as an added bonus for those who wait til the last minute -
Today is THE LAST DAY to make your hotel reservation at the NCIS Fan Fest 2009 special rate.

Put your registration in the mail TODAY (postmarked August 31st, 2009) in order to make sure your spot is reserved for the event you don't want to miss. (Do NOT be the one sitting at home saying "I wish I had been there.")

Also approaching are the deadlines to send in your raffle tickets ahead of time.

For more information about all this, quickly navigate to http://www.NCISFanFest.com and find out how to make sure you will be there!

NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Planning Committee

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